Each home is individually designed to the home owners requirements. Each bespoke architectural plan will aesthitically fit with the Sandpiper Nature Reserve & Beach estate architectural design style.

The light and airy character of the site blended with simplicity and rich earthen materials form the basis of the Architectural Design principles.

Proposed buildings are characterised by the free-flowing organic plan shape, integrating the internal and external living spaces,

An analysis of the Property, the steep dunes, proximity to the sea and the lagoon and prevailing winds has been undertaken, assessed and applied to the design principles with the objective to ensure a sense of harmony within the development.

The development is to make use of locally sourced natural materials. The use of local materials will aid in blending the buildings into their natural surroundings.

All contractors onsite are appointed by the Sandpiper Nature Reserve & Beach Estate development team, this will ensure that the quality of work and care of the environment during the build process is held to the highest standards.