The development will make use of natural materials as far as possible. These materials should be regionally available. Applied finishes to materials will be limited as far as possible.

  Examples of the material selections and uses are as follows:
1 Good hardwoods can be left to “grey” as they have sufficient natural oils inherently in the material. Hardwoods have been used extensively and with success in developments in surrounding coastal areas. With the correct attention to maintenance, hardwoods are a sustainable choice.
With respect to door/window frames, aluminium may be offered as an alternative.
2 Only stainless steel or brass iron mongery should be permitted.
3 Plaster finishes should be coloured so as to weather naturally over time.
4 Use should be made of some stone to limit maintenance.
5 Concrete, where used, should be textured in the formwork
6 Planting and landscaping will be restricted to indigenous and preferably endemic vegetation which will blend the units into the natural environment. Indigenous flora also requires less watering than exotic flora, and this restriction is responsive to the fact that water is an undervalued but critical local resource .